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Society Sales 2019:

Ruthin Society Sale
Friday 13th September:
Non-MV Ewes and MV & Non-MV Rams.

Welshpool Main Society Sale
Thursday 26th September:
MV Ewes & Rams.

Other Society Sales
NSA Sales & Llandovery

Charmoise Society Shows:

Sheep Events:

Welshpool society sale report

To commemorate the 25th year of the Charmoise hill sheep society, the Chairman of the French Charmoise sheep society, Mr Bernard Salvat was invited to judge the show. To thank him for his attendance he was presented with a Charmoise society body warmer.
At the sale Charmoise hill sheep topped at 800gns paid by George Denson, Holywell, for a January-born yearling from Emyr Roberts, Lon Wynne, a breeder who has won the Royal Welsh breed championship in 2010, 12, 13 and 15. Mr Denson will use the ram for crossing with Welsh Mules and Texel crosses.
Its sire took second top price at 700gns paid by Milton Jones, Newtown, bred by R.G & B.G Moseley and also owned by Emyr Roberts.
Charmoise ewes topped at 620gns paid by Milton Jones, Newtown, for a yearling ewe bred by Emyr Roberts.

Reserve Champion trophy is presented to Mr Ben Moseley by Mr Bernard Salvat.
John Powell being presented with the champion trophy with Bernard Salvat and Anna Jones