About Charmoise Sheep

The exceptional conformation of the Charmoise is the one of the main reasons for the success of the Charmoise ram in commercial crossbreeding schemes. The resulting meat lamb in such crossings is of exceptional quality.

The Charmoise has acquired a reputation for hardiness, thriving on poorer pastures and making maximum use of its food. The breed requires little attention and has the ability to retain good body condition in harsh conditions. Fine bone structure, notably the small head and shoulders with an overall wedge shape, means that both pedigree and commercial ewes put to the charmoise tup lamb down very easily. Because of this they are a pleasure to shepherd.
Often reared in very difficult conditions, the Charmoise has acquired the reputation for hardiness and resistance, enabling it to adapt to most conditions. They also have the ability for lambing out of season, which means they will fit in with various farm management systems.
​The Charmoise is ideal for improving the conformation of hill bred lambs.    


  • Tight fleece with no black or brown wool
  • Short deep body
  • Very high killing out percentage 
  • Fine bone structure
  • Small head, ears & big eyes
  • Weight of rams 80 to 100 kg
  • Weight of ewes 50 to 60 kg​